Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ruggedy Rugs to Trade, Part Two

Meanwhile, cousin Kris started with a rectangle and some green circles. Which clearly needed a red border.

And then a golden frame.

And now the design hat is on me...and I'm pondering what comes next. 

Ruggedy Rugs to Trade, Part One

Remember the center of this rug? From my January post...this was the start of the Trade Rug project with my cousin Kris. I gave her flowers, she gave me peas. And a bunny. And a kitty. And some mossy rocks. 

And the mossy rocks inspired some pinecones and needles. And a spider, lady bug, and grasshopper... 

....who lived near a pond where they were friends with a froggy... 

...a cranky crawfish...and some other critters...

What will happen next?? Stay tuned - Kris is designing away!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here we go again...

Basking in the completion of our Nigel Slater Quilt project, Kris and I embarked on our next joint project...this time with rugs.

Each of us created a design, and then passed our rug to the other one to take the next steps. Parameters: 
  • Use yarn. That's about it. 
Here is my first round, using scraps from my prior veggie and leaves projects: 

And here is what I got back from Kris last week - Bunny! Kitty! Peas!

And in the "something completely different" department, here is Kris's trade rug...her green dots in the center, with my continuation of the theme in reds: 

Can't wait to see what comes next! 

Autumn's Underfoot

After 6 chair pads and a large rug of veggies, I decided that I was ready to design and hook my first original rug. I started with a photo taken by my mom:

I did a line drawing, and started color planning: 

Then I ordered the yarn. I used two suppliers: Violet Jane Yarns, and Seal Harbor Yarns

Here's the full palette:

Then, I enlarged the line drawing, and transferred it to monk's cloth, using a homemade light table hack: 

Once transferred, I started hooking: 

And here's the finished rug, 32" x 55":

The Nigel Slater Project, Blocks 3 & 4

Yes, so, back in the quilting arena...cousin Kris and I completed our blocks for our Nigel Slater project. Here are the two spring blocks. The challenge fabrics are the "moo, moo, moo" fabric on the white ground, and a chevron multi-colored fabric that both of us disguised by using in tiny amounts.

Tobi's spring garden block:

Kris's spring recipe block:

And here are the two summer blocks...challenge fabrics are the african batik and the christmas cranberry print.

Tobi's summer berry pie:

Kris's summer berry pie: 

Here are the final 8 blocks, 2 per season, laid out on my design wall. One of these days, I'll decide how to finish these and do the final assembly. 

Cabbage and Artichoke and Watermelons, Oh My!

The rug hooking, it calls like a siren of the sea...Here we are, a year later, and there has been much progress made on the rug front.

The beets from my prior post evolved into 6 chair pads:

Which evolved into a large veggie rug:

This led to my first original design project....see next post.